Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dabuda Thai Restaurant (Restaurant)

Address and Website: Subiceva 1, Ljubljana 1000, Slovenia; Phone: 01 425 30 60; www.dabuda.si

Location: Located between the Slovenia Parliament building and Congress Square, it is worth a short detour on foot from the main part of Old Town to view the interesting exterior of the building and have lunch here.

Overall: Overall, the food was excellent, the staff were attentive (and spoke English), the prices were good, and the lunch menu options had a good variety. I had the Pad Thai which was way too much for one, and my husband had a Thai salad with calamari over it. The calamari was well cooked, and the dressing on that was also delicious.

Atmosphere: The interior of the restaurant had a clean, modern feel. There was also outdoor seating on a square. It was a perfect place to stop for lunch. I might opt for one of the atmospheric cafes along the water for dinner, bu this was great for a cheap and tasty lunch.

Ljubljana Castle Funicular (Entertainment)

Address and Website: Between the Civic Hall building (Šentjakob Theatre) & Krek Square; www.ljubljanskigrad.si/plan-your-visit

Location: Located just off the center of Old Town in Krek Square.

Activity Details: I was not impressed with this at all. The only good thing was it didn’t cost all that much to do it. The sights up at the ‘castle’ are manmade, uninteresting, all cost more money to enter, and didn’t really seem worth it to me. Also, you have to pay if you want to get a good view down to the city, and there’s not all that much to really look at. Once up there, we walked around the grounds for a few minutes and headed back down. Just my personal opinion, but you’d do better to remain on the ground and enjoy the sights along the river and in the market where most of the activity and character of the Old Town is. If you’re really interested in seeing what’s up there the basic round-trip ride isn’t that overpriced, but if there’s a chance you might want to see the other sights, get the combo ticket because you save a good amount of money and you can’t change your mind about it once you’re up there.

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