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Montmorency Falls (Quebec, Canada)

Montmorency Falls are extremely impressive. On my recent trip to Canada, we didn’t have a chance to see Niagara (still on my bucket list), but we did manage to get a look at Montmorency from both above and below. At 98 feet taller than Niagara Falls, it’s definitely worth visiting and is located only 12 miles outside of Quebec City. (Niagara is still significantly wider, though.) The power of the falls is best viewed from directly above it on the bridge that spans the top. There is also a path along the bottom that is most definitely worth wandering (where this picture was taken from) and several trails that include some great overlook points. It is possible to walk entirely around the falls with the help of the bridge, trails, a cablecar on one side, and a huge set of stairs on the other–but it would take a while so if you are thinking of taking it on, plan accordingly. We wandered the top and then drove to the bottom and visited there (it also saved us the cablecar fee). There is a restaurant at the top, as well, where we enjoyed our lunch with a view before exploring this awesome natural sight.

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