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Wild Horse Under the Moon (Mesa Verde National Park, CO)

When we visited Mesa Verde National Park, I was unaware that the park is home to wild horses--something I'm surprised escaped my research. However, their presence quickly became evident along the trails as the horses leave behind quite a bit of evidence. I was hoping to spot at least one during our visit, but I was out of luck by the end of the day when we turned in after dinner. That evening before I went to sleep, I went out onto our room's balcony to test out camera settings on the full moon, and I heard something rather loud moving below me. I looked down and there was a wild horse grazing in the moonlight. Capturing this image just made my day complete. (Note: I've read Mesa Verde is currently in a phased approach to removing the wild herd from the park. I was sad to read this as they are very much a part of the park's history; however, the current plan is to humanely handle the removal, and the animals will be put up for adoption. More information can be found on the park's website here.)


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