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White Water Rafting (Savegre River, Costa Rica)

White water rafting in Costa Rica was my favorite part of that trip–and there were a lot of amazing parts! Costa Rica is wonderful destination for ecotourism and/or an action-packed adventure. The rapids were rough--at least for a beginner like me--but it was a blast. Being a contact wearer, I spent a lot of the ride feeling blinded (literally). The first rapid we hit sent a huge wave into my eyes, ruining my contacts. Luckily, they were disposables; so I just tossed them and kept on going. Unluckily, I can’t see very well without them! Nonetheless, it was a great experience, and it was even better when we found out a photographer had stationed himself at some key points in the ride to get some action shots of us (we were in the 2nd row).

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